Sweet Crime, Sweet Justice

P.O.N.D. Casebook No.1

An everchanging mystery, full of crazy plans, Fab icelollies and forever friendships.

EG wants to save the world! Hedgehog… well,… kind of. EG (she won’t tell you what her real name is. Ever.) and her best friend Hedgehog, build a secret, sleuthing headquarters and create ingenious traps to catch all the bad people in the world. First is a curious thief who steals unusual things. But perhaps their biggest mystery is the strange, third detective who appears out of nowhere. Through chaos and carrot cake, he somehow manages to help. Just who is he? And how does he know secret things about EG?

Sweet Crime, Sweet Justice is a search for clues, connections and our own place in the world. The first of four interwoven Casebooks packed with adventure, laughter and sadness, all set in a hidden North Yorkshire world.

A great read for 8to 11yearolds, and anyone with a curious mind…


P.O.N.D. Casebook No.2

A mystery that finds our three detectives, EG, Hedgehog and PinkRabbit competing in wacky races, causing havoc at a fair and bringing a Steampunk convention to a standstill. A mystery that seems to start with a simple theft of a bike, but, as ever, snowballs into a huge everchanging mystery and one that sprawls across North Yorkshire. Don’t miss all this and the Grand Opening of Pink Rabbit’s Infamous Annex!

Great read for kids. My daughter loved this book! I could see her constantly chuckling away. She loved the cleverness of the clues and was dying to find out more – great book to keep her reading. I liked that there was also a depth to the book, with issues such as loneliness, friendship and discovering who we are, carefully handled in the background. Great mystery book, but with so much more! I know she’s looking forward to the next one – CLIENTE AMAZON

Twists and turns! Bought for my 10 year old daughter and she loved it. She found the story had lots of twists and turns and was funny. She can lose interest in books but this one captured her imagination. Think the plot and things like the secret headquarters kept her interest. It’s really nicely presented too, would definitely recommend – RAINBOW

Fab U lous! We loved this book. I bought it for my son and I to read every night and we looked forward to reading the adventures every time we read it. Eg is a curious character and very ingenious, PRabbit is pink and quite honestly amazing, Hedgey we kind of fell in love with, although he’s not keen on PRabbit! Well written and we can’t wait to read the next adventures!! Thanks GG! – MUMOTHREE

Are you ready to delve into a book of mystery and suspense? If you are then try ‘Sweet Crime, Sweet Justice’. This book makes you feel like you’re in the book and the way the book is described is on another level. My favourite part was when they were talking about the sweets because it was described so well my mouth was watering. My favourite character was pink rabbit because he is funny, over-dramatic and is calm so overall he is a great character. Please do consider buying this book because it’s one of the best books I’ve got – JAMIE, AGED 10