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The P.O.N.D. Casebooks are a set of four mystery books, full of intrigue, fun and full-on adventure. But sitting gently in the background are themes such as friendship, loneliness and how we find our place in the world. And if you have a thirst for knowledge, just like my main character EG, then you’ll enjoy the science, the techie-ness and the eco ideas behind the crazy contraptions and madcap plans.  

All the books can be read on their own, but each also fits into one over-arching mystery. Hopefully, you’ll spot some of the clues that link all the books together, and hopefully when you re-read them you’ll also see clues that you missed the first-time round. My plan was to write books that could be enjoyed over and over again, with each read bringing new knowledge and more pleasure.  

A mystery to find a mystery book…

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